DATA4 Cash Desk K2


A practical aid to simplifying and speeding up payments


A multi-lingual and interactive menu enables customers to pay for food and drink, goods and services in 3 quick steps:

DATA4 Cash Desk K21 – Choose what you want to pay for by touching the corresponding icon or product name on the screen

2 – Pay by banknotes/coins, debit or credit card

3 – Take the receipt and whatever change is due.

Dedicated software for managing takings and change.

Customised front-end software and statistical reports.

Modular architecture for receiving payments and issuing receipts.

DATA4 Cash Desk K2 – Software


DATA4 Cash Desk K2Front opening whit lockable access.

Cash section separate from electronic control section

Security provided by the automation

› money’s check

› Greater control in the administration of cash and remains

› Separation between electronic part and money session

Personnel management more targeted: this is the help for cash point

› Payments more controlled

› Payments and issue Ticket faster

Innovation point of sale

AC input 220 Vac 50Hz
Current draw About 3 A peak, 1.5 A in stand-by
Power draw 300W
Dimensions width 555, depth425, heightH1600 mm
Weight around 170 Kg
Operating temperature From 5° to 35°C
Stocking temperature From 0 to 70°C
Cabinet Safety cabinet in painted sheet metal. Key lock.
Dual front opening: money are separated by electronic control.
User /Operator screen(dual function) LCD 17” TFT colour and backlight display with touch screen to access the selections and for user interactivity.
PC PC based on INTEL technology
UPS UPS to complete transactions in progress and for controlled switch-off of the system, in the event of a power cut.
Cooling system Forced with 1 fan
Device for Coin management Programmable to read different coins in sizes 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c 1€ and 2€.
Coin recycler of 6 different denominations
Optional: dispenser of 1 extra denomination with capacity for 1500 coins
Device for Banknote management Recognises sizes 5, 10, 20, 50 Euro in 4-way insertion. Banknote recycler of 1 denomination. Recycling cassette of max 70 banknotes Encashment cassette of max 400 banknotes
Daily report saving Removable memory (USB pen)
Receipt printer 80mm thermal printer. Optional: Fiscal thermal printer
Connectivity Ethernet Port; Optional WIFI module
Modem Optional 3G or GPRS Modem
EFT POS for Electronic Payment[optional] Optional Complies with international EMV® , PCI® PED and Microcircuit ® specifications to make electronic payments in Italy.
Warranty ON SITE FULL RISK, 12 months