• DATA4 Blu SAFE Desk: sportello self-service per la riscossione diretta di utenze, tariffe, servizi, in modo semplice, veloce, sicuro, 24 ore su 24.



BLU SAFE DESK is a self-service machine for the direct, easy, fast and safe payment of bills, fees and services, 24 hours a day.

BLU SAFE Desk is our most complete and most popular automatic cash machine and is capable of handling payments in notes and coins and by card. Service access is from the front.
It is an ideal choice for optimising the management of car parks where entry is controlled by swipe card, barcode or RFID.

DATA4 Blu Safe Desk – Parcheggio |Car Parks

DATA4 Blu Safe Desk – Sanità |Healthcare


Payments can be made with notes and coins or by card. When configured to do so, the machine can also give change in notes and coins.
If the transaction is cancelled, all notes inserted during the transaction are returned. The system uses the barcode generated by the operating organisation either to identify the user (event) or as an access code to permit payment. The actual mode of functioning depends strictly on the architecture adopted for the system.

The automatic cash machine can operate in two modes, depends strictly on the architecture adopted for the system:

STAND ALONE:  The barcode issued to the user (e.g. on a tax bill etc.) contains more or less the following data: • Amount due • Event ID (fine or payment for service, depending on the organisation’s procedures) • Expiry date • Control characters (checksum digits).  At the end of the day, the appliance generates a file and sends it to the organisation’s server via Ethernet or modem line, using FTP protocol. This file allows the operating organisation to identify missed payments and register completed transactions in its accounting database.

ON LINE: This functioning mode requires continuous use of a network, as the barcode permits access to the operating organisation’s payments database. When the user inserts his/her bill or pre-printed form bearing the barcode, the self-service machine interrogates the server and obtains all the information needed for the payment, and in particular: • The amount due • Type of payment • Relevant user details.  On completion of the payment, the machine updates the server database in real time. The software installed on the machine has been entirely developed by DATA 4, and can be customised on request and interfaced with whatever enterprise management system the operating organisation uses.

  • Payments made with notes, coins and electronic cash
  • Change given in notes and coins
  • Front opening equipment
  • Money and electronic control boards held separately

AC input

220 Vac 50Hz

Current draw

Circa 3 A di picco, 1,5 A in stand-by

Power draw



800 mm


1652,5 mm


700 mm



Operating temperature

From 5° to 35°C

Stocking temperature

From 0 to 70°C


Safety cabinet in 3mm sheet metal FE360 P11

Dual front opening: money are separated by electronic control. Key lock with safety code.

User /Operator screen

(dual function)

LCD 15” TFT colour and backlight display with touch screen to access the selections and for user interactivity.


PC based on INTEL technology

Barcode validator device

Built-into the structure with easy reading


UPS to complete transactions in progress and for controlled switch-off of the system, in the event of a power cut.

Cooling system

Forced with 2 fans

Coin accepting device

Programmable to read 6 different coin sizes.

Coin dispenser

With 4 high capacity drawers, which are removable and separated by the control boards

BankNotes dispenser

Standard one sized note dispenser, with removable drawer. Device separated by the control boards

BankNotes validator

Recognises sizes 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 Euro in 4-way insertion. Escrow for 15 notes. Final Encashment cassette of 1000 notes

Receipt printer

Thermal printer 80 mm

Daily report saving device

Removable memory (USB pen), optional


56K internal, optional

EFT POS for Electronic Payment

Complies with international EMV® , PCI® PED and Microcircuit ® specifications to make electronic payments in Italy.



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