DATA4 is constantly investing in Research and Development as well as market research to ensure that its products and applications are always intuitive and easy to use, and that its solutions are always totally secure. Products in the DATA4 range can also run custom software to suit specific customer needs. Our tailored technology allows our customers to achieve ambitious objectives and results.

DATA4 is a RCH GROUP SPA Company.

DATA4 was purchased by the Group in 2004 and has sustained its history and experience of over twenty years’ success in design, manufacture and distribution of self-service systems for payment of goods and services with cash (coins and banknotes) and electronic payment (debit/credit cards).

DATA4 guarantees efficient machine function and money management via a widespread network of specialised technical support.

By entering in the Group, and also being part of the established RCH brand, Italian cash registers and POS management systems market leader, besides reinforcing its presence in its original sectors, DATA4 is also exploring automatic POS innovation. An example product is the CASHDESK retail sector self-service checkout.

DATA4 designs, manufactures, sells and provides assistance for money changers, kiosks and self-service check for automatic payment of goods and services with cash (coins and banknotes) and electronic payment (debit/credit cards, loyalty cards and Luncheon vouchers)
DATA4 guarantees the efficiency of its machines and manages cash through its own extensive and specialist technical assistance service.

DATA4 produces both hardware and software.

In addition to a range of standard products, DATA4 can also develop and supply dedicated devices. Our custom solutions can integrate POS, credit and debit card readers, fiscal printers, receipt printers, banknote and coin payment units, RFID readers and many other devices in automatic goods and services payment machines.
Development: Customers’ needs change and evolve over time, so DATA4 products are based on modular architecture to permit easy up-grades and future implementations.
Our products provide system managers and integrators with fully automatic devices for interfacing with their own payment collection and receipt issuing software.
Quality Policy: