DATA4 designs, produces and distributes automatic cash desks for the collection of taxes. Aiming to be more and more efficient in answering the needs of municipalities and other local authorities, over the years DATA4 has developed and enhanced the range of products that can be applied in tax collection, especially those applied to local authorities taxation and related services (local council property tax, solid waste collection fee, lighting tax, traffic tickets collection, parking fee collection, etc.). Some of the strong points DATA4 has are its flexibility and the possibility to customise every product to better answer a specific need. DATA4 is able to combine the requests of municipalities and local authorities with the complete respect of the law.
Some Applications of the Automatic Cash Desks:
• Collection of prescription charges;
• Direct collection of taxes and consumption fees for the public administration;
• Collection of university fees;
• Smart Kiosk, connected to the internet, which provide information, certificates and documents.

  • DATA4 Blu SAFE Desk: sportello self-service per la riscossione diretta di utenze, tariffe, servizi, in modo semplice, veloce, sicuro, 24 ore su 24.


      BLU SAFE DESK is a self-service machine for the direct, easy, fast and safe payment of bills, fees and services, 24 hours a day. BLU SAFE Desk is our most complete and most popular automatic cash machine and is capable of handling payments in notes and coins an

  • CASH DESK K2 Slim

    WHEN TIME IS SHORT CASH DESK K2 GIVES YOU MORE! a practical aid to simplifying and speeding up payments NOW SLIM VERSION CASH DESK K2 Silm

  • CASH DESK K2 Wall

    IS TIME FLYING? DESK K2 WALCAN REDUCE IT! The practical help to simplify and speed up payments NOW IN SPACE-SAVING VERSION w