In university applications, our machines can receive payments for registration and administration fees, photocopies, canteen services and hall of residence fees.


      BLU SAFE DESK is a self-service machine for the direct, easy, fast and safe payment of bills, fees and services, 24 hours a day. BLU SAFE Desk is our most complete and most popular automatic cash machine and is capable of handling payments in notes and coins an

  • CASH DESK K2 Slim

    WHEN TIME IS SHORT CASH DESK K2 GIVES YOU MORE! a practical aid to simplifying and speeding up payments NOW SLIM VERSION CASH DESK K2 Silm lligh

  • CASH DESK K2 Wall

    IS TIME FLYING? DESK K2 WALCAN REDUCE IT! The practical help to simplify and speed up payments NOW IN SPACE-SAVING VERSION w